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  • Abundance- This is my favorite candle! The scent is clean and refreshing and surely puts me in the correct head space when praying for abundance for my family and friends. I keep several of these candles in my stash.

  • Beautiful- My cousin gifted me this candle. I was first attracted to the packing. And the saying on the packing i thought it was very intentional. But when I smelled it I was messmorized. It smelled really fruity but the notes of jasmine tied into the scent and made it classy. I currently still burning this candle. This is my happy candle. When Iโ€™m cleaning, lounging and relaxing in my room, this is my go to

  • Grounded- All Zyrywellness candles are fragrant and smell amazing. This one though is something different. The name was definitely intentional. The balance of the sandalwood and vanilla really creates a scent in your space that will bring your shoulders down; especially after a challenging work day. Combine this scent with a cup of tea and you have a combination that will ground and center your energy...note that the tea is optional...the scent alone will help ground you for sure!

  • This room spray is AMAZING!! The smell is great and itโ€™s long lasting. Iโ€™m getting them for every room and giving a few out for the holidays. BUY IT! You will NOT be disappointed.

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Intentional Luxury

With Zyry Wellness, our purpose is to bring you products to help you relax, embrace your own personal magic and enhance your self-awareness to keep you in the best mental wellness space. Our product names are designed to bring positivity into your subconscious because sometimes you may forget your powers. Weโ€™re here to remind you.